Applying for Disability

Social Security is obligated to provide Social Security Disability Benefits to anyone who meets government guidelines. If you meet the criteria, Disability Advisors will help you receive your benefits.

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Social Security Disability Benefits are awarded to individuals who have a qualifying condition that is severe enough to prevent employment in any regular paying job for at least one year or result in death. Eligibility is based on whether the individual is physically or mentally capable of performing a job that is generally available in the national economy.

If you are confused whether or not you might qualify, give us a call or fill out our FREE evaluation form and we will contact you. Although we can help you improve your chances of approval at the Initial Level, you can apply without our help.

If you want to apply on your own go to: and click on the Disability tab or call 1-800-772-1213.


To assess eligibility at the Initial Application claim level, Social Security Administration asks for complete and accurate information about your:

You may also be asked to submit to a consultative exam with a doctor contracted with Social Security Administration.


To apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, please gather the following documents and information:

General Information:

Medical Information:

Employment Information:


It is very important you fill out Social Security Administration’s form with as much detail as possible. The more proof you have of your disability and inability to work, the better your chances will be towards receiving Social Security Disability Benefits from your initial application.

Disability Advisors can work with you to complete the application and ensure you have the best chance of receiving an approval of your initial claim. Based on industry data, over 65% of claimants are denied benefits at the initial level. Remember to all us immediately if you are denied.

To get the guidance you need, call us today at 800-249-7507.